Be part of the
Techsylvania Team

We’re looking for proactive people with a “can-do”
attitude to design, propose and create great experiences
who want to be part of the leading technology event in
Eastern Europe. We’d like to discover more, have more
fun and offer all those who join a great experience. And
that’s why we want to create a strong and motivated
team to move things further and have an impact.

Why volunteer?
Get a behind-the-scenes overview on how to organize a large-scale event
Make new friends—starting with the Techsylvania team, up to the 4000+ people joining the event
Develop your current skills and new ones; never miss an opportunity to learn and experiment
Power-up your professional experience and CV with a diploma and practice certificate
Contribute to the community! You're part of it.
Choose what fits you best
The Smile Provider

You will facilitate the event access of our participants by verifying their tickets at the registration desk. You will receive and provide information about the event, its program and FAQ. Also, you will make sure whoever needs to enter at a side event is present, and whoever should not enter, is not.

Key skills: the ability to say NO in a polite way, a positive attitude, and teamwork at its finest

The Logistics Hero

Beyond technology, Techsylvania also means handling a great number of physical resources. Furniture, decorations, equipment and accessories. True heroes not only know where to find all these items at all times, but they are also the ones who carry and install them.

Key skills: punctuality is everything and good physical condition would help you get through the event easier

The Tech Enthusiast

If you eat and breathe technology this one’s for you. We need a group of volunteers who will make sure that everything on the Main and Impact stage, workshops or at the Q&A sessions goes smoothly. This means you will be right in the heart of the event, keeping an eye on everything that happens.

Key skills: problem-solving is your middle name, team spirit and diplomacy

Who can volunteer?
The fast-learners, the curious-minded, the tech-friendly
People who identify with one or more of the above listed roles
The fast-learners, the curious-minded, the tech-friendly
The most important thing ! When filling out the form is to make sure that you can come to Techsylvania in the days and time slots promised. Being a big event, each absent volunteer leaves a place where others will make more effort to cover. We are a team, we must know that we can rely on each other.

Join us at Techsylvania 2023

And meet with the world’s leading minds in business & tech