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June 7-8, 2023

Experts from around the world come together and share their experiences in a hands-on manner. This is your chance to enhance your skill set and make the most out of it.
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Current Workshops

Test Driven Development with Kotlin

Test driven development is a topic that usually generates a lot of discussions. People who are experienced with TDD will passionately advocate for it, most developers that haven’t had any experience with it will not believe the hype or think it’s too much effort to learn while working towards a deadline.
In this workshop we’ll very briefly tackle the key theoretical parts of TDD, followed by a live coding session where the things discussed will be shown on an actual codebase. At the end we can hopefully draw some conclusions and convince more people to take a leap into the wonderful world of Test driven development.

AI-Driven Development – Supercharging Developers with AI

Dive into the fast-changing world of AI-supported development as we look at the big shifts in the software development field. We’ll explore methods of collaborating together with AI and learn practical ways of leveraging recent advancements to enhance our landscape and stay competitive. Are you ready for the AI takeover?

MVPs Unleashed: Building Robust Products with Elixir
Rumour has it, Elixir is a productive language. It is also known that an application written in Elixir is fault-tolerant and highly scalable. But what does that mean exactly? Join our workshop to explore the productivity and scalability of Elixir. Discover how developing features quickly with a small team is possible while ensuring fault-tolerance and robustness. We’ll create an Elixir application, deploy it on AWS, perform load tests, and analyze associated expenses. Validate the assumptions and optimize your startup’s time-to-market, risk reduction, and cost-effectiveness.
Building your Event Driven infrastructure within 1 hour
Join our workshop to explore the fundamentals of event-driven architecture and modern data management. In today’s data-driven world, it’s crucial to process and utilize data in real-time, triggering the right workloads as needed. We’ll refactor a classic 3-tier architecture using cutting-edge technologies like Debezium, Kafka, Flink, and Knative. From a basic chat platform, we’ll build an advanced version with customizable processors, such as a chatGPT component. Don’t miss this pragmatic session to upgrade your knowledge and adapt to the evolving data landscape.
Data-Driven Predictive Maintenance In Railway

The increase in train traffic requires better rail-track monitoring and improved ride comfort. Efficient monitoring and continuous data collection are needed for the railway network. Machine learning can help process data from sensor-equipped trains quickly. Accurate digital data is essential to track defects and determine degradation. The goal is to shift from reactive to predictive maintenance. We’ll discuss two data-driven predictive maintenance issues: track geometry and rolling stock.

From Prompt to Cloud: Unlocking the Potential of Advanced Prompt Engineering with Genezio

Get ready to level up your coding skills with genezio! Join us for an epic presentation – “From Prompt to Cloud,” where we unleash the full potential of advanced prompt engineering. We’ll show you how ChatGPT takes your code to new heights and how genezio connects backend and frontend code in a serverless infrastructure.

Last year Workshop Hosts

These are the people who chose to share their knowledge and expertise so that you can take your skills to another level.

Victor Ionescu Principal IT Consultant at msg systems Romania
Andrei Magnea Product Design Manager at Google
Diego Freniche Brito Mobile Developer Advocate at MongoDB
Sorin Peste Cloud Solution Architect, Data & AI at Microsoft
Constantin Cheptea CTO at Crafting Software
Mathias Maciossek Lead Software Engineer at Neurolabs
Mihaela Lungu Technical Lead at AboutYou
Ksenia Redunova Engineering Manager at Capgemini Engineering Ukraine
Jorge Ortiz Fuentes Mobile Developer Advocate at MongoDB

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Demystifying stream processing at scale
Effectively implementing DevOps practices to boost delivery performance
A faster way of developing backend APIs with the help of automatic code & infrastructure generation
Democratising Computer Vision – automate visual tasks without training any algorithms
Write your Android App with Sync from Scratch
Craft authentic e-commerce shops
Intelligent Forms Processing with Microsoft Form Recognizer

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