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The whole experience at Techsylvania is designed to support individuals or companies looking to learn about the stages of building a product and/or technology company, as well as to get inspiration along the way.

Our content spans more than 20 topics, under 5 general themes. Each theme also covers rapidly developing industries and technologies and features some of the most well-known founders, investors, technology executives, and experts in each industry.


Technical talks on some of the most recent developments (artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, new programming concepts, etc.), building and scaling tech teams.


Talks related to product management, marketing, growth hacking, industry trends, ideation, but also related to building up a company from an organizational perspective (culture, management, operations)..


How to effectively fundraise and find investors, what are the terms entrepreneurs should be paying attention to, as well as successful entrepreneurs that can inspire the audience by sharing the story of how they built their companies.


Explore the synergy between technology and sustainability. Discover green energy, circular economy, and sustainable development. Learn how innovation is driving a greener future.


Unleash the power of AI. Dive into machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. Discover AI’s impact on industries and its limitless potential for innovation.

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